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Would you like to live in a better place? Joe's Remodeling is with you in making that happen. We’re a home improvement company that’s known for our exceptional bathroom remodeling and other solutions. Check out our recent works in Marquette, MI. We’re excited to show you our portfolio. Explore to know what we have in store for you.

Services We Offer


We remodel almost all parts of your home, including your kitchen, living room, and master room. We can improve its aesthetic, layout, and replace some of the old structural components. Get a result that meets the current construction standards and the trend.


Make your bathing experience more heavenly with our bathroom services. You can count on us if you want new fixtures or love to change your old ones. We can do many things, starting from installing bathroom tiles to replacing the bathroom ceiling.


We know what type of paint is ideal for your interior and exterior. We know which color combinations will work well for your drywall and your room. Know the crucial factors to consider for the painting project. If planned well, this activity can help your life in many ways.


Learn the five stages of drywall finishing, and find out which one is ideal for your kitchen, garage, and other areas. We're here to guide you. We can introduce you to different types of drywall, some have the potential to protect your privacy and to lower your risk to fire accidents.


For quality flooring and wall finishes, you can rely on us. We know different types of finishes, and all of our works are done nicely. They're neat, attractive, and will improve the lifespan of your materials. We do finishing on various types of materials, including tiles.


Do you want to replace your old flooring? Perhaps, would you like to have some parts repaired? Our commercial remodeling team is also an expert in flooring works. We don't discriminate. We work on different issues and materials. Learn more by calling us today.

Our Process

Whether you’re booking our commercial remodeling or drywall installation, we always make sure to hear your expectations and plans about the project. We take note of your budget and standards. We’ll help you plan. We’ll provide a realistic time frame and try to suggest cost-effective solutions.

Before we’ll finalize that, we’ll do a site inspection. This is to determine the true nature of the project and also to consider issues that may halt us from progressing further. Once you approved the suggested action plan, our contractors won’t waste time and proceed immediately on doing the job. We’ll be very cautious, making sure that the output will end smoothly without complications with the quality or cost. We won’t ignore mistakes or negligence. We’re a company you can count on for your small bathroom remodel and other improvements!

Considering DIY

DIY is always tempting, especially if you’re tight on budget. But unless you’re experienced and already have the necessary tools for the job, it’ll never be budget-friendly in your case. It can be timely and costly, not to mention dangerous. You need to make several trials and errors until you get the perfect output for your bath kitchen and bath remodeling. Avoid making additional expenses while getting poor-quality results. There’s a better way of doing things, and that is hiring Joe's Remodeling.

Additional Areas We Serve

You don’t have to be from the Marquette, MI area to be able to experience top-quality remodeling services. We can also cater to the remodeling needs of clients in the surrounding areas. Make sure to look through the list of additional areas we serve we’ve provided below so you can check if your area is covered by our team.

  • Gwinn, MI
  • Little Lake, MI
  • Big Bay, MI

Are you looking for an affordable small kitchen renovation in Marquette, MI? Contact Joe's Remodeling today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Irene W. on Joe's Remodeling
Thank You

I'm very satisfied with my commercial remodeling. Great job [cn] for giving me a satisfactory output! I hope you can help more people with their home and office upgrades. I'll be recommending you from now on for the job well done.   

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