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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Trends 2021

What Is in Vogue in 2021?  

If you are wondering what the kitchen and bath remodeling trends are in 2021, then this post, brought to you by Joe's Remodeling is a must-read.

Greige is the new gray

Design experts state that warm greige, or color which combines gray and beige, is quickly replacing the cool gray tones in cabinetry and flooring. This color can be paired with everything, however, when combined with cool blues, soft greens, cream, taupe, natural stone, or light wood, can create a nurturing and transformative look to any room.

Brass with a brushed gold finish

Brass is a material that is generally used for lighting and plumbing fixtures, as it can create an enduring, classic style. However, recently, brass has been set in a fun new direction when it comes to finishes. Since stainless steel and nickel were the norm, however, a brushed-gold finish is a refreshing alternative. As it has a look of a handmade piece, that was lovingly crafted by an artisan.

Matte Black

Matte black for backsplashes, tiles, and hardware are a sophisticated addition, and can often be combined with brushed-gold elements to create a more modern look.

Black can serve as an excellent neutral backdrop that homeowners can add white or brushed-gold elements so the look is bright and fresh. For example, black cabinets plus a white counter, combined with a brush-gold faucet. Matte black is an elegant and chic look and will make a powerful visual impact when paired with nearly any color or hue.

Weathered nickel finish

Anyone looking for a more understated vibe should consider fixtures and lighting options that are in a weathered nickel finish. Weathered antique nickel is a gray metal, which can offer a fresh look. Both weathered nickel and brass are softer, meaning they are not too flashy.

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